Organic Farming

Lough Owel Organic Farm

What is Organic Meat?

Organic farms must be certified by the Irish Organic Association and are very tightly regulated. TO produce 100% Irish Organic Beef of the highest quality, we use a rigorous set of production and processing standards.

Our farm, our herd and how we take care of them are inspected regularly by Irish Organic Association to ensure that we comply with their organic farming standards – ensuring there’s never any chemicals or antibiotics used on our land or in the animal’s feed, that the beef is free from genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and that our herd is reared humanely with plenty of free range time on our grass pastures.

Our family works hard each day to ensure you and your family can enjoy beef that is free from artificial fertilizers, pesticides, hormones – and have peace of mind about the conditions and quality of life the animals experienced. Delicious, nutritious organic beef comes from a naturally healthy herd – just as it should be.

Organic Beef
Good for the planet

What’s the difference between conventionally reared beef and 100% Organic Irish Beef?

Organic farms don’t use antibiotics or hormones when rearing their herds because they aren’t needed in a natural pesticide-free, spacious environment with plenty of room for animals to graze and roam. Bees and earthworms do the job of maintaining and propagating our soil, as nature intended!

Beef from herds who have a fresh grass-based diet supplemented with conserved hay/silage, is nutritionally superior to non-organic meat.

  • 50% more of the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, in which many of us are deficient.
  • Lower concentrations of harmful saturated fatty acids that cause cholesterol and insulin resistance.
  • Fewer calories per kilo – making it popular for those on a calorie-controlled, high protein diet.

The quality of all meat is determined by the way it is produced. Our herd’s all-natural diet and access to outdoor pastures for most of the year produces beef that is healthy and nutrient-dense. You can see and taste the difference in the robust colour and rich, flavourful marbling in every cut. Organic Farming is farming as nature intended, and Organic Beef is a cut above the rest.

Do you give your herd hormones to help them grow?

Absolutely not. The use of hormones is illegal for anyone raising organic beef herds.